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gori_muchuu is officially OPEN! :D

Things to note:
☀ This journal will ALWAYS be public. You do NOT need to friend this journal in order to see the posts. That being said, you can friend the journal, but I will not be adding anyone back.
☀ This is just a list of scan posts posted on other livejournal communities and blogs. The actual scans were posted by many different people, so please make sure you give them credit.
☀ Links with the lock are locked community posts. Some communities have special requirements for joining, so make sure that you read their instructions before joining. I do NOT link to locked entries in personal journals. If you run across entries in journals (not communities) that have been locked after I list them here, please let me know in this post.
☀ Currently, this index is maintained by only one person, mynamelessname, so it will not be updated immediately as new scans are posted. I will try to update weekly, but it might be up to two weeks depending on work and school.
☀ I have not personally checked every single download link in the posts archived here, so some of them may be dead/expired.
☀ I'm still working my way through posts in arashi_on and a_ra_shi from 2007 and earlier, so more links will continue to be added. (But this doesn't mean that there aren't earlier posts, I just haven't made it further back in those communities yet.)
☀ If I have linked to your posts and you do not want them in the index, let me know in this post and I will remove them as soon as I can.

ONE LAST NOTE: Please do NOT leave comments asking which photoshoot such-and-such picture comes from. I've probably seen it, but I've also seen thousands of other pictures and don't always know what comes from where. The Masterpost of Requests at arashi_on is a much better place to ask.


What have I missed? Find a mistake?

Considering how many scans are out in fandom, there are definitely some that I've missed. If there are scans missing from this index that you think should be included, please comment to this post. When you comment, provide the link to the post (not the actual dl link to the scans) in the appropriate thread.

Also, with as many posts that I've linked in this archive, I'm bound to have made a few mistakes copying and pasting. Please let me know here if you find any mistakes.

This post has one thread for each category in the index, plus an additional thread for miscellaneous or unknown categories. This is also the place to tell me about posts in personal journals that have been locked after I listed them.

All comments to this post that do not include a link to a scans post will be deleted. Comments will also be screened after I have added them to the appropriate post.



If you have any other suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment to this post. :)

Comments to this post are screened. However, all other posts in this journal do not have the comments screened


Just a note to let you know that I've finished with the long-overdue updates to the index.

Also, regarding the MU issue. Many of the links in posts indexed here are dead now that MU is down. These may be updated with working links by the original posters, so I won't be going through and deleting them.